Urgh! Weekly thinking #1

The weeks surely fly by very quickly around here!

These past few weeks we've managed to snag an Awesome client. We've been island hopping and just generally having an awesome time at the office. We've been making more of a push for managed services and our clients are responding. We hear you loud and clear!

We've experienced a small amount of downtime with our Cloud PBX, but our technical team has been working tirelessly to iron ou the bugs. Sadly, with every ground breaking service, there are bound to be growing pains.

Within the next few weeks there should be some amazing changes happening at the offices.  We look forward to our next Grenada and St Lucia trip, bringing our breath of services with us.

Our Device lab has been slowly growing, with the new addition of our Polycoms. By end of summer, we hope to launch our mobile device testing lab in full swing.

With the holidays coming up, new projects and Creole & Jazz Festival around the corner we are sure to have some fun.


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