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Buy 5, Stream Live

From now until July 28, 2018, customers who purchase any combination of five high-density MR access points will get a free MV security camera, which comes with a three-year cloud management license.* *Maximum 2 MV cameras per account. Terms and conditions apply. FAQ How do I get a free Meraki MV? Purchase any combination of five

Accelerating Business Growth with Next-Generation Servers

Hybrid IT allows SMBs to focus IT resources on business outcomes while providing consistent, predictable agility and the enhanced security required to protect their most sensitive data. Today’s small and midsize businesses (SMBs) must capitalize on effective new technologies in order to compete, evolve, and grow—transforming their IT environment is a critical first step. Hewlett

Why can’t SMBs have the big kids’ toys?

Do you have an “if it works, don’t fix it” mindset? Maybe your business doesn’t want to upgrade just because new technology is available. But the time and money it takes to maintain older infrastructure should give you pause to investigate upgrading.

Set sail with Meraki Switches

From now until 7/30/16, first time Meraki Switch customers are eligible for a special promotion: buy any MS Switch with a 1-year cloud management license, and get automatically upgraded to a 5-year license at no additional cost. That’s 4 years on us! Join the Meraki switching family to experience fantastic visibility, remote management, live troubleshooting,

FreePBX Security Vulnerability

A recent vulnerability has surfaced with FreePBX version 2.10 and lower. The callme_startcall function in recordings/misc/callme_page.php in FreePBX allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via the callmenum parameter in a c action. Affected Systems FreePBX v2.10 and Lower Elastix v2.4 Recommended Steps Disable Wan access to web portal of Freepbx/Elastix For More Information visit

Do You Backup Your Data?

In today’s world, technology is a key aspect to all parts of your business. From accounting and management to day-to-day communication, more and more parts of your business are performed solely on computers. Companies must take advantage of today’s technology to stay competitive. Email is the preferred method of communication and computers are integral for

Cisco ASA Security Advisory

Cisco has released a security advisory for a vulnerability in the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) version 1 (v1) and IKE version 2 (v2) code of Cisco ASA Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause a reload of the affected system or to remotely execute code. The vulnerability is due to a buffer overflow in

Will Aruba be the next Palm?

While some of Aruba Networks’ competitors are circling like vultures on a dead carcass, the company says it’s very much alive and well, thank you very much. Competitors will say what they will while Aruba prepares to become a larger force with the help of HP’s breadth and scale, but you can’t blame them–and everyone

Yoast Security Vulnerability Notice!

There is a new vulnerability affecting popular WordPress plugin Yoast. If you’re using the plugin, update it to the most recent version to protect you and your customers from attack. What is Yoast, and what is the vulnerability? Yoast is an SEO plugin for WordPress. Versions of the plugin prior to are vulnerable to

The Industry’s First 802.11ac UTM Firewall

The Cisco Meraki MX64 and MX64W combine higher speed with Unified Threat Management for branch sites. We’re thrilled to announce exciting, first-of-its-kind hardware for our security product line: a comprehensive Unified Threat Management (UTM) box sporting an 802.11ac radio for blistering gigabit wireless. Our brand new Cisco Meraki MX64W Security Appliance for small branch sites

Introducing the Ubiquiti Airfiber X Wireless Backhaul Solution

The airFiber®AF-5X is designed for long-range, Point-to-Point (PtP) backhaul wireless links. It features the highest TDD throughput available and proprietary HDD for ultra-low latency. Ubiquiti Networks continues to disrupt the wireless broadband market with revolutionary technology at breakthrough pricing by introducing airFiber® X, a modular airFiber radio system that will serve a wide range of frequencies and

Phishing Alert

Important! We have noticed a few of our customers receiving a suspicious email that appears to be a phishing scam. We urge to not click on the link and provide any login details. if you receive an email from secure-online-settings[at] with the following message Dear Member, Please click here and login with your email to

Meraki brings 802.11AC and Beacons!

Today we are excited to introduce two additions to the Cisco Meraki product family: the MR32 and MR72 cloud-managed wireless access points, featuring 802.11ac WiFi and Beacon (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. With the enhanced location capabilities provided by Beacon technology, these devices open many new avenues for active customer engagement. The MR32 and MR72 dual-band,

Robinson & Associates now part of Dell Partner Direct

Robinson & Associates are now registered Dell Partners Roseau, Dominica, 02/06/2014 – Robinson & Associates today announced it has joined Dell’s PartnerDirect program as a Registered Dell Partner. Built on three main tenets of simplifying IT, less complexity, and the advantages offered by the Dell business model, PartnerDirect will create a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship

The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160) is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. Why it is called the Heartbleed Bug? Bug is in the OpenSSL’s implementation of the TLS/DTLS (transport layer security protocols) heartbeat

3 Great Reasons why you should consider Meraki, Inc. MDM for #BYOD

Managing devices on your network just got a whole lot better with Cisco Meraki. Meraki has introduced new time based policies and content filtering features now available for Systems Manager. Maintaining a BYOD network doesn’t have to be fraught with the challenges of managing device profiles or access to certain content. With new Systems Manager features

Ubiquity NanoBeam M5

NanoBeam M5 is making it’s way out into the world and we wanted to share the good news with you. WISPs all over are experiencing the power of the new CPE and the elegance of the new design; especially during installation.

Zombie Marketing – Understanding “Dead” Marketing Techniques and How They’re Still Alive

Marketers today are going crazy for new techniques that get people to their landing pages. Facebook, text message ads, and more are constantly being pushed as the best new marketing techniques. However, it’s important to remember the tried and true methods of marketing. While some say that these are dead, it’s easy to see how

New Website Launched for Atlantique View Hotel

The Team at Robinson & Associates have recently started phase 1 of a new & improved website for The Atlantique View Hotel. There has been a nice array of bright, vibrant colours used throughout the website. The use of header images on the internal pages shot by 365MMP is great for the viewer to get

Firmware update for Openvox GW1600

OpenVox has released a new firmware update for for the VS-GW1600 line of GSM Gateways. This update brings improved voice quality and enhanced system stability. Along with those improvements, A host of new features are included: Automatic IMEI Modification Automatic SMS Resending after failure in first-time sending Support Multiple Registration: Anonymous Registration Endpoint to Gateway Gateway

You’ll like this! Cisco Meraki WiFi with Facebook Login

A quick show of hands, please: how many of you are running guest WiFi for your organization? Free WiFi is now available in coffee shops, hotel lobbies, hospital waiting rooms, and retail locations across the country. These days, customers check for — and expect — wireless access. Provide a better user experience and increase brand

Meraki Cloud Networking Free Trials

Try out Meraki Cloud Managed Networking Gear for free, Give us a call to find out how Interested in trying some cloud networking products from Meraki? Meraki, which is now part of Cisco, makes next-generation gear that is extremely flexible and 100% managed over the web. I have customers that have completed entire deployments within

See us at Dominica’s ICT Festival 2013

This year marks the first year of Dominica’s own ICT Festival. Robinson & Associates will be present displaying some of our products and services alongside other local companies and service providers. If you’re at the show, drop by our booth for a quick demonstration of any of our solutions and ask for a one-on-one demonstration!

Yealink releases its new generation of IP phones – T46G, T42G and T41P

Yealink is once again at its innovative best with the release of the SIP-T4 Series IP Phones designed specifically for consumers who expect integrated communication to come with excellent functionality and ultra-smart design. The T46G, T42G and T41P all represent the next generation of VoIP phones for business users who need a range of rich

Urgh! Weekly thinking #1

The weeks surely fly by very quickly around here! These past few weeks we’ve managed to snag an Awesome client. We’ve been island hopping and just generally having an awesome time at the office. We’ve been making more of a push for managed services and our clients are responding. We hear you loud and clear!

Introducing our “Open Test Lab” for mobile device testing

As we always strive to improve our processes and testing procedures, we have taken a bold step in providing an ideal solution. We test our designs on multiple platforms and breaths of devices, and surely nothing beats testing on an actual device. Swiping with your finger instead of a mouse, noticing your JavaScript being way

Adoption and Management of New Systems in the Work Place

hen I arrived at the office one morning, I realized that our documents were not placed on the server for easy access and safe storage. Having assessed the need for such a system, I made a suggestion to the Managing Director at a staff meeting. The request was simple: to make our office Information System

Yealink Launches Business HD IP DECT phone W52P

As of late we have been pushing yealink to a few of our customers as well as on a few of our quotes. Hands down they offer a robust and solid product for the price. Their range included a phone for everything and every budget, but lacked a wireless solution until today. Made specifically for

Legacy Phone Systems: Why Remodel a Dinosaur When You Can Upgrade to UC?

Digium Guest Blogger – Randy Kremlacek, Digium Authorized Select Partner and President/Owner – TeleDynamic Communications, Inc. The other day I got a call from the IT manager of a local manufacturing company who was looking to upgrade their telephone system.  He has two locations, one in Northern California with 150 users and the other in

Taking a Dip

We Love interior and exterior design. It is a massive source of inspiration for us. We have also decided to undergo a staged transformation of our Office space and implement both modern and contemporary styles. Check out our inspiration gallery on Pinterest

The Joy of Caribbean Life

As a Caribbean based studio, there can be tremendous downsides and logistics issues to overcome, but sometimes, the perks make it all worth it!

Robinson & Associates Relaunch

We’re currently getting our house back in order and will update with our new portfolio and services soon

Starting Fresh

We’ll as we gear up for our 2012 Launch, it definitely feels refreshing. We’ve begun piecing together what the office renovation should look like in our heads. Stay tuned for more Innovative things from us throughout the year